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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Thank you for your interest. The 2019 i2 application window is closed, though there may be similar requests for applications in the future.


What is the purpose of Inclusive Industry Accelerator and Mentorship Program (i2)?

The purpose of i2 is to:

  • help address fundamental equality issues facing the cannabis sector;

  • promote diversity, spawn innovation and fast-track new opportunities; and

  • empower you with the resources you need to achieve your entrepreneurial dreams in the cannabis industry.



What’s the basic information about i2?
Merida Capital Partners and Minority Cannabis Business Association formed the world’s first private equity-nonprofit accelerator for underrepresented entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry to help minority-owned, small cannabis businesses learn what it takes to fund, staff and scale a successful company in one of the world’s fastest-growing markets.


The program:

  • lasts approximately three months;

  • offers coaching and access to mentors, experts, executives and investors; and

  • provides a minimum investment of $50,000 for the selected applicant(s).




What do i2 recipients experience?
The i2 recipients will receive:

  • consistent, in-person, high-level mentorship from experts in and out of the cannabis industry;

  • a minimum seed investment of $50,000 from Merida Capital Partners;

  • regular check-ins and professional training;

  • designated office space located in Merida Capital Partners’ New York City office;

  • access to a wide swath of Merida Capital Partners-MBCA executives, connections and networking opportunities;

  • unmatched visibility into disruptive trends, proprietary research, data and tools;

  • exposure to Merida Capital Partners’ experienced and broad team of leaders, portfolio companies and advisors; and

  • advice on business acceleration, team development, investor relations, governance, along with business structures, sustainable models, business planning, pricing and go-to-market strategies.




Why did Merida Capital Partners and Minority Business Cannabis Alliance form this program?

i2 Accelerator is aimed at addressing fundamental equality issues facing the cannabis sector, promoting diversity, spawning innovation, fast-tracking new opportunities, empowering underrepresented businesses with the resources needed to help them achieve their entrepreneurial dreams in the cannabis industry.


Unlike other accelerator programs that may designate a set number of applicants or definitive period for a program, Merida Capital Partners and Minority Business Cannabis Alliance are fully committed to ensuring that the i2 recipient is successful, and their business is built to succeed in the long run. Even after the three-month period of the program is over, recipients will continue to have access to mentors and relationships developed during their time as an i2 recipient.

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